About Me

Hello, my name is Mike Zhang and I am an Educator. The topics that I have a passion for teaching are mathematics, sciences, and technology. I graduated from the University of Alberta in 2011, completing both a Bachelors of Science and a Bachelors of Education, majoring in Physical Sciences and minoring in Mathematical Sciences. Since completing my undergrad, I have taught within Edmonton Public Schools and was a software trainer for the University of Alberta. Now I am a freelance technology consultant and instructor who performs training sessions throughout Edmonton and at various conventions.

During my time at the University of Alberta as a student, I was employed by the Faculty of Education as a Teaching Assistant for the Technology Tools for Teaching and Learning course (EDIT 202). I would provide one-on-one support for students during the laboratory component of the course, where students would complete tasks involving Microsoft Office, Windows Media Player, WordPress and other technologies applicable to teaching. Another responsibility was to assess student assignments for several laboratory sections for the course. Another opportunity arose at the University of Alberta’s Instructional Resources Services,  where I would maintain and deliver Apple Macbook lab carts to classes within the Education Building. My responsibilities included updating the Windows and Mac OS X operating systems and programs, and I was to ensure the professor had the proper equipment for their classes. During my final summers as a post-secondary student, I was employed by the Faculty of Engineering’s DiscoverE program. I would provide workshops at elementary and junior high schools across northern Alberta. During the July and August months, DiscoverE facilitated children and youth camps at the University of Alberta, municipalities across northern Alberta and in the Northwest Territories.

Immediately after completing university, I began working at Staples Canada as a Junior Technology Consultant. Under the Senior Technology Consultant, I would manage technology sales associates tasks and breaks and deliver technical support for customers. During my time at Staples Canada, I performed computer software installs and upgrades, data backup and migration, and virus/malware cleaning. This experience would be short lived because a teaching opportunity arose.

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